Barbacoas Project

Top of the world ...
Sunrise view while standing in the middle of the lot,
Town of Barbacoas and Church to lower left,
Town of Santiago Puriscal straight out in the distance,
Distant valley views of San Jose night lights and planes landing at Airport to the left (East)
Sunset views across the Nicoya Peninsula around to far right (West).

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Elevation: 4,064 feet (1,239 meters)
Parcel Size: 1.39 Acres, (5,612.13 m2)
Leveled Site: 3,682 sq. ft. (342.11 m2)

Location:  Located at the top of a concrete Public Road in Barbacoas
2.5 miles paved road from Puriscal (Santiago)
45 minutes (total) by paved road to San Jose

Medical:  40 minutes by paved road to CIMA 5-star hospital and super mall
Daily medical clinic in Barbacoas ( two blocks away)
Emergency medical clinic and ambulances in Puriscal (2.5 paved miles away)

Electricity:  Available on Public Road Frontage (not yet installed on site)
RDSL, cable, phone: Available on Public Road Frontage.

Water:  Existing on Public Road Frontage but pending availability, easements offered, and well possibilities.

Access on Site:  Lastre (rock) access roads once on site

Landscaping:  Site cleared January 2007
Drainage control engineered and implemented April 2007
Vegetation Planted April 2007:

1 ea. Tomy Verde Mango
2 ea. Red Mango
3 ea. Guanabana
3 ea. Mandurina (female lime) (for margaritas)
3 ea. Mandarino (male lime) (for margaritas)
3 ea. Valencia Orange
1 ea. Mensino lime
1 ea. CAS (Guava)
1 ea. Manzana de agua Apple
1 ea Nispero (Gum)
1 ea. Guyaba (Guava)
Various Gardenias
Lots of bananas