Re-forestation Projects
(More pictures of actual trees planted soon)

In May 2007 we started planting 2,000 +/- trees on the Guatuso property.
This let them get in the ground before the rainy season ...

The cows have been moved off the property effective 4/15/07 because over the years
they have contributed to erosion of the steeper portions of the land.
This appears to be typical in Costa Rica.

We were told by an engineer, that once the cows are off the property,
the existing erosion can then be contained and eliminated.
Containing the existing erosion is also part of our existing
Re-construction effort which is also underway.

The Green areas in the map below show the concentration of the effort,
with the first phase starting along the Western side of the property
on lots D, E, and F, and onLots A, B, C, and D to the North East.

The following trees are candidates for the first phase of reforestation:
(as they are available)


Ira de aqua

Roble de sabana


Cortez amarillo